Whistleblower Claims That Twitter Had A Chinese Spy In The Company

 Whistleblower Claims That Twitter Had A Chinese Spy In The Company

Whistleblower Claims That Twitter Had A Chinese Spy In The Company

The former security chief of Twitter 'Pieter Zatko' claimed that at least 1 agent from China was working at Twitter. He also stated that even the FBI had warned the company about the foreign Chinese agent in the company.

He went on to say that the information disclosed that one member of the premier intelligence agency of China was working inside Twitter. All of this information was recently shared with the US senate by Zatko.

Company Allowed Access To User Data

Zatko is also known as Mudge, which is his hacker name, and recently, he alleged the company of allowing a foreign agent to work inside the company. He also claimed that Twitter allowed the agent access to the user data.

Zatko originally filed his complaint in July, and in that complaint, he didn't specify the origin country of the agent who was working at Twitter.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the recent hearing of Mr. Zatko confirms that his allegations are full of inaccuracies and inconsistencies. When the FBI was approached for a comment by the media, they didn't respond immediately.

Mr. Zatko said that information like this was very disturbing to hear and allowed him to recognize the true environmental state of Twitter as a company. When Zatko informed someone at an executive position on Twitter about the threat, the reply was why does it even better even if the company have foreign agents?

If Twitter indeed downplayed the presence of a foreign agent and didn't take any action, then that's some serious questions that the company would have to answer.

Similarly, it also means that Elon Musk could use this information against Twitter during the trials as well. That could serve as one of the reasons he could use to walk away from the deal. This incident has also raised the question of how to secure user data in platforms like these!

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