Amd Market Share Jumps Higher

 Amd Market Share Jumps Higher

Amd Market Share Jumps Higher, Goldman Says Trend Will Continue

According to the latest data report from Mercury Research, the AMD company's share in the x86 server CPU market has increased tremendously.

According to Goldman Sachs, this trend will continue and even into the year 2025. In simple words, AMD's share in the server CPU market will continue to rise even in the next year.

$175 Price Target For Amd, Set By Goldman

Goldman Sachs added the company will manage to send off its hardware to various data centers around the world. At the same time, the company's hardware will also based on around 30% of platforms that are still under development.

Another thing that bodes well for AMD is the fact that the company's CPU is based on state-of-the-art Zen 4 architecture.

Increased sales of the CPU and GPU at data centers also means AMD's revenue will jump in the coming months. So, it makes sense for the AMD stock to retest the March highs once again, added Goldman Sachs.

Given the current circumstances, Goldman Sachs has decided to maintain a 'Buy' rating for the stock. They also added that the AMD's gross margin will see consistent growth.

At the bottom of this positive forecast is an improved opex leverage, improved product mix, and outperformance of the stock price.

Goldman Sachs has also set a 12-month target for the AMD stock at $175/share. For now, the AMD stock price is around the $150-$155 range, which means the stock will only experience a slight upside in the coming months.

It almost appears that Goldman Sachs has set a very modest price target for the AMD stock, given its stellar performance in the markets.

Another factor that goes well for the AMD stock is the increased demand for chips in the AI sector. For the rest of 2024 and next year, the demand for AI chips will only go higher, and AMD appears to be at the center stage of it all.

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