Microsoft Msft Wants To Buy Activision Blizzard Atvi For 69 Billion

 Microsoft Msft Wants To Buy Activision Blizzard Atvi For 69 Billion

Microsoft (MSFT) Wants to Buy Activision Blizzard (ATVI) For $69 Billion

Microsoft Corp has announced that it wants to buy Activision Blizzard and has even made a bid of $69 billion. The company Activision Blizzard is famous for its Call of Duty (COD) game series and thus ranks among the top game studios. According to Microsoft, this bid made by them will benefit gamers and even other gaming companies.

It is also worth noting here that Xbox is a famous gaming console, and Microsoft also owns that. So by taking up a major gaming studio, it seems that Microsoft is further strengthening its hold in the gaming industry.

Recently, Microsoft announced its desire to buy the ATVI in front of a US FTC Judge. In order for the bid to become official, it would have to go through the FTC commissioners. According to the FTC, this merger of Activation Blizzard and Microsoft will discourage competition in the games industry. In fact, the FTC is of the view that this deal should be blocked.

FTC Wants To Stop The Deal

According to FTC, a successful merger of the gaming studio with Microsoft might stop various games from being offered on any device that rivals Xbox. Some of the popular games which were mentioned by the FTX include Diablo and World of Warcraft.

For now, a hearing is set in front of a judge with a date of August 2023. Considering we are still around a week away from the end of 2022, the date for the hearing is still months away.

As for Microsoft, it is actually willing to sign a consent that will ensure that games like Call of Duty remain available on PlayStation and other rival devices.

They also said that the takeover of a single game could not disturb a competitive industry such as gaming. In addition, Microsoft has also made it clear that it has no plans to withhold any gaming title after its acquisition.

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