Warren Buffett Buys More Apple Stocks Slashes Banks Chipmakers

 Warren Buffett Buys More Apple Stocks Slashes Banks Chipmakers

Warren Buffett Buys More Apple Stocks, Slashes Banks & Chipmakers

Berkshire Hathaway, an investment firm owned by Warren Buffett, has revealed their portfolio changes. According to these changes, which happened in the previous quarter, Buffett has bought a lot more Apple shares.

To be precise, Berkshire bought 21 million Apple shares which makes the total share count owned by the company around 915.6 million.

Another interesting thing to pick from the portfolio of Berkshire was its investment in Louisiana-Pacific shares. According to details, Berkshire now has 1.2 million shares of the said company, which gives it 10% control.

Similarly, Berkshire also bought 2 million shares of Chevron which means that it now controls 8.7% of the oil company.

Berkshire Hathaway Cut Backs On Banks & Chipmakers

It appears that Buffett's company didn't just pour more money into various public companies. During the same period of time, Berkshire Hathaway also reduced its investments in various semiconductor stocks.

In addition, the investment company also reduced its shareholdings in the Bank of New York Mellon and the US Bancorp.

Around 3 months ago, the company revealed that it owned 60 million shares in Taiwan Semiconductor. But according to the latest data, that value has now shrunk down to only 8.4 million shares.

Similarly, Berkshire's stake in Bankcorp has gone down from 52.5 million to only 6.7 million shares by the end of 2022. And the investment in the Bank of New York Mellon has gone down from 37 million to only 25 million shares.

Another stock that won the disapproval of Buffet's firm was Activision Blizzard - The report revealed that Berkshire only had 52.7 million shares of the gaming company.

Other investments that were reduced by the investment company were Ally Financial and the grocer Kroger.

According to analysts, the portfolio details don't include Berkshire's investment in BYD (Chinese EV maker). The reason behind this is the fact that the BYD is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and not a US-listed exchange.

For most investors, a glimpse into what Warren Buffett and his investment company are doing provides guidance on how to navigate the markets.

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