Google Translate Expands Languages

 Google Translate Expands Languages

Google Translate Now Supports 24 New Languages

Google, a global tech giant, added a total of 24 new languages to its product 'Google Translate'. According to Google, these languages are spoken by 300+ million people all over the world and will help them immensely. The regions from where these languages are added include Twi, Lingala, and Tigrinya.

According to Google, their product 'Google Translate' has been helping to improve communication and break down language barriers between people. And the addition of these languages is part of their effort to also help those languages which are not supported in most tech products.

One of the languages which are added is called 'Bhojpuri', - Which is spoken by around 50 million people in the northern part of India, Fiji, and Nepal. Another language called 'Dhivehi' is spoken by 300,000 people living in the Maldives.

More Than 133 Languages

With the addition of these 24 new languages, the total supported languages on Google Translate have reached 133. But the best part about this recent development in Google Translate is the use of machine learning models.

The US company used its machine learning models to translate into other languages without relying on any sample data. This development can be really helpful in cases where human translation datasets are not available for training.

However, the company has also admitted that the technology behind Google Translate is not 100% accurate. So when the translation becomes more accurate? Well, as the users start to use the products and provide feedback to Google Translate, it will eventually improve itself over time.

If you look at any of the popular languages, such as English, Spanish, or French, the accuracy rate of the translation will be almost perfect. But to reach that level of accuracy in languages such as those added recently, it will definitely take some time and a lot of the same datasets.

According to Google, they had to start somewhere and eventually had to put these languages into Google Translate someday. So despite being flawed, it is a start which will help a lot of people in translation and communication!

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