Tiktok To Add Age Restrictions

 Tiktok To Add Age Restrictions

TikTok To Introduce Age Restrictions

TikTok may soon restrict content based on age. Teenagers may be prevented from the adult content feed, said the company to the press. It is working on ways to restrict and rate content based on age.

The Chinese social video app has gained immense popularity in a couple of years among the teens and it is testing a new process to prevent adult content from streaming into the accounts of young users. The test is based on ratings by guardians or parents.

ByteDance, based in China, owns TikTok. It said the standard of content rating is being followed to that of gaming and movies. Creators henceforth will be asked to specify whether their content would be eligible only for adult audiences or for all.

Lately, social platforms have come under various scrutinies concerned with the safety of young users and their wellbeing. Meta Platforms Inc has been blasted by lawmakers in the United States over its plan of launching Instagram version for kids. The company owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Attorneys general earlier had opened a probe that the company has been promoting Instagram to the children even after the concerns of potential harm to them. Internal documents were leaked that were related to the research into the mental health effects of teenagers who were using Instagram.

TikTok had been on the radar of critics for promoting eating disorders-related videos on the platform. However, the company reciprocated saying such posts would be removed as they understand people may struggle with their unhealthy eating patterns even without being diagnosed with the same.

It said the primary purpose is to acknowledge symptoms like fasting and too much of exercising which are usually not recognized and can be signs of potential problems.

TikTok was first released in September 2016 in China and a couple of neighboring countries. It gained popularity gradually and now is made available in forty languages across the world.

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