Volkswagen May Be The Best Ev Stock To Own

 Volkswagen May Be The Best Ev Stock To Own

Volkswagen May Be The Best EV Stock To Own?

Volkswagen has a market value of little over $100 billion. They are a dividend stock, which has not previously been frequent on our list. The only other dividend stock that has been covered thus far, in my perspective, is Toyota (TM 0.00%). Their 2.8% dividend yield.

Volkswagen sold 231 600 electric vehicles in 2017. They expect to have around twice as many by the end of this year. By 2025, they aim 20% of their volume to be electric vehicles. This is the reason I gave it a higher ranking than Toyota.

By 2030, they intend to introduce 60 hybrid cars in addition to 70 various EV versions. By 2030, they intend to construct 60 battery facilities in Europe and a network of charging stations in China. There were 1.8 million automobiles sold during the third quarter. That was really 30% lower than the previous year, mostly as a result of supply issues. However, given what was happening in the first three quarters of 2020, they sold 7% more cars through the first three quarters of this year than they did in the same period of 2020. The relationship between these supply restrictions in 2021 and the consequences of COVID in 2020 is actually an intriguing dynamic.

Volkswagen sold 1.8 million vehicles in the third quarter, or nearly 7 million vehicles on an annualized basis. That puts some of these other businesses into perspective, which Lucid (LCID -0.43%) expects to reach with its goal of scaling to 90,000 vehicles annually. Just to put these valuations into perspective, Rivian (RIVN 0.62%) and Lucid are valued similarly to Volkswagen. Last quarter, they generated roughly $57 billion in sales.

VW has some excellent intentions. When you mention 70 new models, you are referring to a variety of pricing ranges and a dozen distinct manufacturers. Audi and Porsche have historically paid the bills at Volkswagen. The volume comes from the VW brand itself, yet they have the biggest margins. Their electric vehicles (EVs) for Porsche and Audi have proven excellent. To increase margins over time, they are considering subscription services and other ideas that are being discussed by all the manufacturers. They have a good attitude. They are succeeding well and taking the necessary steps to reach their target of, I believe, three million EVs annually by 2025.

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