Elon Musks Best Investments

 Elon Musks Best Investments

Elon Musks Best Investments

Tesla chief Elon Musk is the wealthiest man on the planet. He is a successful entrepreneur lately. His net worth is about $270 billion and it is mostly asked where he will be investing next. Let us have a look at his investment strategies.

In brief, the investment strategy followed by Musk is simple. It is basically divided into two categories. One is in companies which he has founded, co-founded or enjoys control. The other is cryptocurrencies. He is different from most billionaires. His financial portfolio does not include publicly-traded stock.

Recently, he bought a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter, which has a market cap of about $40.8 billion. His stake is a small percentage in it, but he is now the largest shareholder of the social media company. He has promised not to take over the company. He has simultaneously promised not to increase his stake by more than 14.9 percent.

He owns Tesla, an electric vehicle company. He was an early investor in the company. With the accumulation of majority stock, he took over control in 2008. He currently owns 18 percent of the stock, which is 177 million shares and it is worth about $200 billion. He enjoys a compensation package in the company and this means his ownership may increase with time.

He founded the SpaceX company and owns 44 percent stock in it. The value of his share is over $100 billion. Combination of it with Tesla share, his net worth is huge. Apart from these, he has a majority ownership in a couple of more privately owned start-ups that he either founded or co-founded.

It is yet to be revealed his investments in cryptocurrencies are, but he has been outspoken about Dogecoin. Musk had earlier said he owns Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It may be easy for crypto enthusiasts to invest in the segment, but it is important to understand whether the risk attitude is $1 or $1 billion.

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