Telsa Thinks Future Is Robots

 Telsa Thinks Future Is Robots

Tesla Thinks the Future is Robots

Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes the Optimus Human Robot could turn up bigger than their electric vehicle business and change the way the company has been manufacturing its cars. The labor shortage issues could be easily solved with the help of their humanoid robots.

The wealthiest person in the world further said their human robots can be a game changer in the EV manufacturing business and will be a crucial part of the company's plans in 2022.

Tesla has frequently faced labor shortages in the United States and Musk is expecting something big with the humanoid robots. He expressed his confidence and said the Optimus, as internally named, may become more significant in the company.

2021 was a challenging year for the company due to a couple of issues including the supply chain. But the issues were not able to halt Tesla's charge towards record car deliveries along with soaring revenues.

The company first tested its humanoid robot about five months ago and it seems to be an important product it is working on. Its Technoking played up the bot during an earnings call on Wednesday. The Cybertruck that was shown in 2019 and the Semi and Roadster previewed in 2017 will go into production in 2023, said Musk.

The bot will be first used in Tesla's own facilities and one of the examples to mention here is moving parts around a factory. This may help in addressing the labor shortage in the company.

The humanoid robot was previewed last August by performing a dance routine and showcasing the artificial intelligence efforts of the company. Musk then said the robots may come equipped with cameras and be used in the Autopilot driver-assistance system. Eventually, the full self-driving capability vehicles may become a reality.

Musk expects Tesla may exceed 50 percent annual growth and said the company is working through the supply chain issues. No new model will be introduced this year and the efforts will be on the output expansion at its factories. The new plants in Austin and Texas will start manufacturing Model Y.

Following the earnings call, its shares dropped about 1 percent to $927.93 in early trading on Thursday.

Tesla holds a leading position in the EV business while the world is speedily embracing battery-powered vehicles. Meeting higher demands and rolling out more units may become crucial for the company.

Considering the hike, Musk announced no new models would be introduced in 2022. This means the company is trying to plug any gap that may affect the production cycles due to crisis in the supply chain.

It would be too early to conclude what role the humanoid robots may play in helping the company to achieve its dreams. Backers and skeptics may continue.

Tesla meanwhile has moved its headquarters to Austin in Texas. Musk stated the California factory will still expand even without the headquarters feature. The company had a market capitalization of $1 trillion in October 2021.

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