Warren Buffett Invests In Hp Stock

 Warren Buffett Invests In Hp Stock

Warren Buffett Invests in HP Stock

Berkshire Hathaway chief Warren Buffett exactly knows what to buy and what to sell when the market is undergoing a phase of uncertainty due to various significant reasons including rising inflation, Russia-Ukraine tensions and a drop in the value of growth stocks. He has currently been revealed to have bought a large share in HP. He is not against the tech stocks but buying the shares of printer and old-school PC seemsalittle out of fashion in the era of artificial intelligence, robotic machines and work-from-home culture.

Many investors may get tempted to get HP stock and mimic the finest investor of all time. However, it is seriously suggested to dig into the fundamentals of any company before putting money into it.

It is not revealed the payment his company made in buying the HP stock, but a recent filing discloses the holding is 120.95 million shares. He has an 11 percent stake in the company and his net worth in it is about $4.2 billion.

Even though the 121 million shares sound massive for retail investors,for him and his company the figure is modest. The share price of HP jumped 19 percent with the news of Buffett's position in the company.

HP shares have posted a return of more than 200 percent from March 2020, when it was at a low. It is therefore believed by many that Buffett may become the largest stakeholder in the company.

Despite the approval of Buffett, it might still be uncomfortable for many to invest in HP.

Buffett is one of the best investors of all time. He started investing at a very young age when he was just a teen boy. His financial portfolio is being copied by many fund managers and institutions as it is believed his choice of buy and sell is outstanding and valuable.

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