Intel Ceo Believes Company Will Lose More Market Share To Amd

 Intel Ceo Believes Company Will Lose More Market Share To Amd

Intel CEO Believes Company Will Lose More Market Share To AMD

Pat Gelsinger (CEO of Intel) expressed his views that the company could continue to lose its market share in the data center sector. The company which stands to gain from the loss of Intel is AMD which is also a famous chipmaker.

He said that the competition (AMD and others) had done a great job which is the reason for their increased market share. He also said that the company is facing a technology deficit which is causing some problems!

This is rather good news for AMD, considering the good compliment from Intel's CEO. If we look at the result from the last 13 quarters, a strong market share of around 20% was gained in the server market.

AMD Emerging As A Leader In Data Center Sector

AMD is now emerging as a leader when it comes to the usage of CPU equipment in the data center sector. Furthermore, AMD is all set to launch the Bergamo and the Zen-4 Geno in the next few quarters. This move will further solidify the lead AMD in the servers sector.

There are many who are saying that Intel will experience a turnaround moment somewhere in 2025 or 2026. But some believe that it will depend a lot on the internal manufacturing of Intel as a company.

Currently, AMD company is outsourcing the production of its chips and other equipment to Taiwan. However, there have been tensions as of late between China and Taiwan, which could dent production!

If we look at the performance, the Sapphire Rapids processor from Intel is a good choice when compared with the alternatives from AMD. However, the advantage of Intel is not so dramatic at all!

Intel Could Lose Market Share Next Year As Well

Going forward, the company believes that its data center business will continue to grow year by year. But it is also a fact that it will lose market share during the next year as well!

Intel is also placing a lot of hope on its new Sierra Forest processors, which are yet to be released. They believe that it will help the company gain its market share once again!

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