Amd Partners With Google Cloud

 Amd Partners With Google Cloud

AMD Partners With Google Cloud

Alphabet has struck a partnership deal with AMD. Its Google Cloud segment is to use the new data center chip of the company. Along with Microsoft and Amazon, it has become one of the biggest buyers of the chips to build services for renting computing power to millions of customers across the world.

With deals with such tech giants, AMD is intensifying its market share control against rival Intel, which has long dominated the data center chips segment even though inferior performance has been witnessed in past on some measures.

AMD released its Milan server chip this March and Google will start offering its services soon to customers based on it. Companies like Twitter and Snap Inc are also testing AMD-based services from Google.

Intel released the Ice Lake chip last month and it is considered a competitor to the Milan chip. The company announced all major cloud service providers would support the new chip. However, it didn't mention Google or when the search giant would start offering services to customers based on the newest chip.

Google Cloud is best known for protecting data from fraudulent activities. It restricts abuse and spam for customers. It has one of the best infrastructures and applications. Its data storage, compute services and networking provide data encryption in transit, in use and at rest.

It is simultaneously learned AMD has struck a deal with Meta Platforms Inc. for hardware and this has been gladly welcomed by the investors. Shares of AMD jumped more than 11 percent on the day of the announcement, revealing a better confidence level among the shareholders.

Meanwhile, a GCP is an emerging public cloud vendor similar to the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Customers can access their computer resources with it which are parked at the data centers of Google. The service is free as well as on the basis of pay-per-use.

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