Bethesda Stock

 Bethesda Stock

Bethesda Game Studios Stock

Bethesda Game Studios is famous for a lot of different games such as Fallout, Starfield, and even Doom. Due to game franchises such as this, it has become of the most celebrated and popular gaming companies among the fans. Due to this popularity, it has made many people wonder whether they can invest in the Bethesda stock or not? More importantly, are Bethesda game studios even listed on the stock exchange?

Well, if you are one of those people who want to buy Bethesda game studios, then we have got some bad news for you: Bethesda Game Studios shares are not available to the general public, which means you can't buy its stocks. In fact, Bethesda Game Studios is a private company, and the only way for an investor like you to invest in this game company is if Bethesda launches an IPO and goes public.

Why Is Bethesda Stock Not Available?

Well, for starters, Bethesda is a subsidiary of another company that is private and not a public one. In other words, the shares of Bethesda are owned by the investors and founders of the company and not by the public. From time to time, the company goes through funding stages in which it sells its stock to private investors, but it is not available to the general public yet.

Right now, the total equity of Bethesda is around $2.5 billion and is behind some of the popular game franchises, which have also earned it respect among the gamer community. However, no one can rule out the possibility that we might see a Bethesda IPO in the near future or not; who knows!

What Is Bethesda Stock Symbol?

Currently, Bethesda has no stock symbol at all because it is not a listed and public company. But if Bethesda does become public in the near future, its stock symbol (ticker) will be something similar to its name. For example, the company named Hasbro goes with the trading symbol 'HAS.'

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