Roboforex Lowers Gold Margin Requirements

 Roboforex Lowers Gold Margin Requirements

RoboForex Reduces The Gold Margin Requirements

RoboForex, which is a famous copy trading platform, reduced the margin requirements for XAUUSD (Gold) on 8 May 2022. This change will affect both the already opened as well as new positions opened in the XAUUSD. And since the margin requirement was reduced instead of being increased, it will not force close any of the open positions!

For the demo MT4 or MT5 accounts, there is no need to make any adjustments as this change in marine requirement is only applicable on real MT4/MT5 accounts.

Real MT 4 And MT 5 Accounts

For any already opened positions in the XAUUSD, the margin requirements will be halved (reduced up to 50%). And for any new position in the XAUUSD, the required margin will only be 50% lower than before.

Changes to Expert Advisors (EA)

If your trading robots (EAs) are designed to automatically detect the margin requirements for making trading decisions, then you may need to adjust the EA settings after the lowering of XAUUSD margin requirements.

Besides this change in the margin requirements, the remaining trading conditions for the XAUUSD on RoboForex remain unchanged.

So if you are planning to trade XAUUSD in the future or already have opened positions in the RoboForex broker, then you need to keep the following changes in mind.

What is XAUUSD?

XAUUSD is a symbol which is used in RoboForex and other brokers to denote the trading pair of Gold/USD. Since this trading pair is used to show the real-time of gold (precious metal), it can fluctuate a lot even during normal market hours due to the gold's volatility.

This high volatility in the XAUUSD is one of the main reasons behind higher margin requirements in many brokers. A higher margin requirement for XAUUSD ensures that the broker is protected in case of an adverse market reaction. But from 8 May 2022, RoboForex has lowered these requirements for the traders who are trading the XAUUSD.

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