Bitcoin And Defi Split

 Bitcoin And Defi Split

Bitcoin and DeFi Split

The recent approval of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill by the US Senate has left cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, advocates and enthusiasts in horror amid fear that the move may lead jeopardize the segment beyond repair. The rule requires crypto brokers to report about their customers to the country's Internal Revenue Service department.

The definition of broker in the bill is significantly broad and may potentially encompass decentralized app developers, validators and miners as they play important roles in the blockchain ecosystem and it is not possible for them to identify anonymous users.

The bill's language initially was looked at as an exempt to these categories as an amendment of the term broker was put forward by three senators. However, the Senate passed the bill unamended. It is a watershed moment for the segment that has acquired a marker of lobby and prestige. Some senators believe it is simply more than the Twitter accounts.

However, the DeFi or decentralized finance sector of crypto-asset seems to be in as it builds the ecosystem of financial services like savings, trading and loans. The programs based on blockchain are to provide such services instead of companies.

Global fintech cohead of Consensys blockchain firm said those who are engaged in DeFi would be equivalent to the Nasdaq. However, the SEC has stated it will crack down on DeFi.

A bitcoin advocate said some DeFi developers may leave America and seek refuge in other countries where the requirements are not so strict.

Cryptocurrency is just about a decade old and the latest developments in the segment have led to the innovation of several products and services like DeFi and NFT. However, it is largely unregulated and completely decentralized, leading to regulatory controversies in most countries. Countries like China have banned it completely while Ecuador has announced crypto coins as legal tender. It is still too early to judge the fate of crypto-asset even though it is gaining popularity at a rapid speed.

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