Usa And Europe Headed For Economic Catastrophe

 Usa And Europe Headed For Economic Catastrophe

USA And Europe Headed For Economic Catastrophe

According to Clifford Bennet, the current economic state of the USA and the European region as a while is not good. In fact, he believes that these economies are headed for a catastrophe! There were his views when he recently appeared on media to discuss the currencies and the world economies.

He stated that despite the economic hardships, things are very easy right now. But for what's coming ahead, the authorities will need to get on their toes real fast! If we look at the currencies, they are already near volatile levels, and the efforts to cool them down are little to nothing.

To ensure the stabilization of currencies, combined efforts from the governments and the central banks will be required! Otherwise, the currency market could get more volatile!

Earlier, Mr. Clifford had forecasted the values for the EUR, GBP, and AUD, and they were pretty spot on... For the current year, he believes that EUR could touch .88 while the GBP could touch 0.95. For the AUD, his forecast is around 0.58!

Recession Is Inescapable!

The expert also shared his view on the US economy, and it was not good either. He believes that it is very clear now that the US economy is heading towards a recession. In fact, it could even lead to economic depression, and it will be inescapable!

The expert pointed out that the problem lies with the central banks and the governments... They are simply not taking enough action to prevent these economic problems!

If the economic recession and depression end up hitting the US and European economies, it would be catastrophic for the people! He also pointed out that other countries, such as Australia, are also at risk of a possible recession!

At the heart of all of these problems lies the supply & demand imbalance and the rising inflation all over the world! Unless these problems are sorted out, the world at large will continue to face the fear of recession!

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