Gamestop Stock Jumps

 Gamestop Stock Jumps

Gamestop (Gme) Stock Jumps 16.7%

sudden jump was seen in the stock price of GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment. In terms of percentage gains, GME is up by 16.7%, while the AMC is up by 6.2%.

What makes these gains more interesting is that they happened during the premarket session. This has led many investors to wonder what really pushed these stocks higher all of a sudden.

According to some experts, the successful IPO of Reddit led to these gains in the GME and the AMC. However, some believe that a tweet from Roaring Kitt proved to be a catalyst for the GME upside.

Back in 2020, the user 'Roaring Kitt' on Reddit was heavily invested in the GME and was part of the movement that led to the monumental rise in the GME stock price.

If we look back, some major moves were seen in the stock prices of AMC and GME, which sent them to record highs. The Reddit community rallied behind these stocks, which also attracted widespread attention from big-name media houses and social media.

The sudden interest in the GME and AMC during 2020 and 2021 also led to squeezing in the hedge funds, which were heavily invested in a short position.

Now that GameStop (GME) has once again made the news with impressive gains in a short span of time, the rumors have started to pick pace once again.

In fact, the sudden movements seen in the two stocks have led many to believe whether the social media-sparked stock rally is back on the cards once again or not!

gain of 16.7% during the premarket session is no small feat & highlights that further upside might be expected in the GME stock. It would also be interesting to see how the Reddit community will react to the recent gains seen in the stocks of AMC and GameStop.

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