Apple Software Enables Fuel Purchases From Dashboard

 Apple Software Enables Fuel Purchases From Dashboard

Apple's New Software Will Allow Users To Buy Gas

Apple plans to allow users to buy gas from the car dashboard this fall. The software dubbed CarPlay will allow the company to transform vehicles into a place for buying goods/services.

The new feature of CarPlay was unveiled at a recent conference which allows allowing users to buy gas directly from their car screen. With this new feature, the users will be able to skip the tiresome process of inserting credit cards.

HF Sinclair, which has around 1600 gas stations in the USA, also announced that it would integrate the CarPlay technology. If this happens, it will become very easy for the users of CarPlay to pay for gas seamlessly.

According to the marketing vice president of the company, it seems a really exciting idea that consumers will be able to buy gas or any other fuel directly from the car's navigation system.

CarPlay - One Stop Solution For Everything

The option to buy fuel is the latest addition to Apple's software which will make the user's life easier. The CarPlay app already offers various useful features such as ordering food, electric car charging, parking, and so on. The app also allows consumers to log miles when they are on a business trip.

According to data from the US energy department, one of the major expenses for vehicle owners is fuel. In the month of April alone, an average household in the US spent $2945 just on gas. When compared to the last year, that's an increase of almost $455.

Currently, Apple is not charging developers, car makers, and users for the CarPlay software. This tells us that the company plans to bring its technology into cars and wants to transform the car industry.

If Apple's software is adopted by more car manufacturers, it will gain more widespread usage by the general public and will bring innovation as well.

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