War Stocks Popular On Wallstreetbets

 War Stocks Popular On Wallstreetbets

War Stocks Popular On WallStreetBets

The Russian invasion of Ukraine started on February 24 and some online novice traders on Reddit's WallStreetBets immediately started pondering what could be the guaranteed profitable investments. One of the posts there depicted Boston Dynamics, Raytheon Technologies and Boeing as promising.

WallStreetBets is infamous as most discussions are illogical and irreverent. However, the public consciousness in 2021 led to pushing up the share prices of Blackberry, AMC Entertainment and GameStop to a great high.

Some of the participants argued during the wake of the Russia and Ukraine conflict that investment made in defense contractors could support Ukraine's situation.

Meanwhile, the United States statement is to be noted. President Biden said America will not confront with Russia directly in Ukraine, but to take the route of sanctions and diplomacy.

The stocks of Raytheon and Boeing were struck hard due to the market downturn while Boston Dynamics shares are not traded publicly. The S&P 500 jumped by about 1.5 percent in the wake of the war and the DJIA wrapped up in the green by 0.3 percent. Similarly, the Nasdaq Composite closed 3.3 percent higher on the day.

Meanwhile, with foreign students moving out of Ukraine, the country's revenue is bound to weaken. It hosts thousands of students from developing countries including India, Morocco, Egypt and Nigeria. Selling education has become one of the primary revenue sources over the period of last three decades.

Foreign students mainly come to Ukraine for their medical degrees due to affordable education as well as high standards. A safe environment was an added advantage for them. The country provided a safe environment even during the pandemic and students then had refused to go back to the countries.

Simultaneously, the country is known for providing good quality liberal studies as well as engineering courses. With the start of the war, students started taking a safe exit from Ukraine and this led Russia to slow down the invasion initially to give an evacuation passage.

The other significant headlines from the war zone include NATO's statement that Russia will face severe consequences if the allies are struck. It is even learned the Ukrainian president has agreed to a talk with his Russian counterpart with a couple of conditions including a drop of theplan to join NATO.

Further, the United Kingdom has announced to pay Britons 350 pounds a month if they open their homes for refugees coming from Ukraine. Instagram has been blocked in Russia due to hate posts against Russian citizens and Russian military personnel.

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