Nikkei 225 Down Down By 103 On Poor Performance Of Japanese Stocks

 Nikkei 225 Down Down By 103 On Poor Performance Of Japanese Stocks

Nikkei 225 Down Down By 1.03% On Poor Performance Of Japanese Stocks

By the end of Friday's session, the majority of the Japanese stocks were down for the day. Some of the sectors which saw losses during the day were Real Estate, Machinery, Electrical, and Automobiles. By the end, Nikkei 225 (Japan's stock index) made a new monthly low after shedding 1.03%.

However, that's not to say that all stocks from the Nikkei 225 were down. There were many outliers as well, such as the Kansai Electric Power and Fukuoka Financial Group, which increased their share prices by 5.28% and 4.77%, respectively.

On the contrary, the worst performer on Friday was Sapporo Holdings which declined by 3.97%. Similarly, Advantest Corp, which is also a part of the Nikkei 225, was also down by 4.49% for the day.

Negative Sentiment In Japanese Stocks

Overall, the number of falling stocks was far higher than those which staged healthy gains. Considering that the new year is around the corner in Japan and the rest of the world, there's a good chance that the stock markets might close down. In addition, the volatility will remain depressed as we approach the new year unless something big happens.

The Nikkei Volatility index, which tracks the volatility in the Japanese stock index, was also down by 3.08%. In fact, the index was last seen around 20.74 by the end of Friday's session.

If we look at the Crude oil, the February delivery was around $78.35/barrel after gaining 1.11%. Similarly, the February contracts for Brent oil were also up by 1.61% and were last seen around $82.28/barrel.

As for the Dollar/Japanese Yen pair, it was last seen trading near 132.55 after gaining 0.17% for the day. Similarly, the EUR/JPY also gained 0.39% for the day. This indicates that the Japanese Yen lost to most of its peers & this has a little bit to do with the performance of the Nikkei 225.

But despite the rather poor performance on Friday, the decline in Japan's stock index was minor. So on that front, there's very little to worry about as we enter into 2023.

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