Seedrs Investors Exits

 Seedrs Investors Exits

Seedrs Investors Exits

Seedrs has proven to be one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms. The massive success that it has had over the years is a proof of such statement. In the years 2020, its 5th consecutive exit was announced. In this instance, ANNA Money was able to secure funding of around £17.5m from ABH Investments. The latter had the highest stake amongst others in the company.

In 2019, ANNA money was able to use Seedrs in raising £3.40 million with the help from more than 550 investors. This post will be explaining the various Seedrs exit to enable you understand much better.

The Other Seedrs Exits

As said above, there are 5 consecutive exits that Seedrs has experienced over the years. It is worthy of note to point out that investors have benefitted immensely from the other four exists. This includes when Courier magazine got acquired by MailChimp, a US-based company that into rendering of email marketing services. Again, this brought about a profit of over 300% for Seedrs. It proved to be a winner for Seedrs eventually given how much it invested initially.

Also, Igloo Energy has managed to generate a return of over 300% of the initial amount which Seedrs' customers pledged. Another aspect where Seedrs has proven to be successful is having to help companies raise money successfully. For instance, it has assisted revolt in gaining access into the crowdfunding market before. In fact, since 2016, it has managed to experience around 26 exists.

What Is The Total Capital That Seedrs Has Raised?

Just as said above, Seedrs has been successful over the years in what it knows how to do best which is helping companies in the various crowdfunding markets. Over the years, it has succeeded in getting involved in more than 1000 deals. These have amounted to more than 1million British Pounds. Apart from being regulated by the FCA, Seedrs has earned lots of positive reviews from its investors in the past. These are proofs that it is a company which can be trusted.

Apart from that, it also has a secondary market whereby shares of its clients are being traded. There was a period when it was able to successfully trade more than 1million pounds of such assets within a month. In 2020, it announced that it has recorded more than 25000 investor exits in the secondary market. This is quite a massive achievement. By the end of December 2020, it has managed to pass the 1billion pound benchmark worth of investment. There are three major reasons why this is important.

The first is that Seedrs has managed to show how investments can be democratized. It is an evident of the how much effort it has dedicated towards the growth and success of its clients/investors. Secondly, it has shown that there a very high level of trust between entrepreneurs as well as investors. Finally, such is a sign that Seedrs has found a way to overcome all of the problems that most companies suffered in 2020. In a year or period that has proven to be very challenging, Seedrs has managed to serve its clients in the best way possible.

The Growth Potentials Of Seedrs

Many people have been asking whether Seedrs have huge growth potentials. The truth is that it has shown lots of promises amongst its competitors in the past. The secondary market has grown beyond what it used to be. Reports suggest that at the moment, it tends to offer over 500 businesses that can be invested in on a weekly basis. Since coming into existence, it has handled transactions worth almost 10million pounds.

It will amaze you to know that this market is now averaging around half a million opportunities every 30days. Of course, as the portfolio of Seedrs keeps on growing, there is every reason to believe that the market will only expand. Based on this, experts have claimed that it will only attract more investors in the future.

Having seen all of the above details, it is very clear that Seedrs is a company that is set to make lots of headlines in the coming years. You should be considering the possibility of taking advantage of what it has to offer investors.

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