Tesla Changes Its Car Prices In Usa Yet Again

 Tesla Changes Its Car Prices In Usa Yet Again

Tesla Changes Its Car Prices In USA Yet Again

It appears Tesla has changed the prices for some of its car models in the USA once again. This is the 4th time that the electric car maker can change its prices in the last two months.

According to reports, the price of one version of the Model Y crossover and the Model 3 sedan has changed. This means that the new price of Model Y Performance is $58990 after an increase of $1000. Similarly, the price of the Model 3 Sedan is now $42990 after a decrease of $500.

So overall, a $1000 increase was made to one model while the other is now $500 cheaper. Both of these vehicles now qualify for federal tax credits. According to experts, the exact amount in terms of tax credits is around $7500.

New Price Is 16% Cheaper

In January 2023, Tesla announced price cuts across multiple car models in multiple major markets. Normally, such price changes are very unusual in the auto industry, which makes Tesla an exception.

Overall, the Model Y Performance version is now 16% cheaper as compared to its prices in early January. Similarly, the Model 3's price is around 9% cheaper now for US customers.

As for the other two variants of Model Y and 3, their prices remain unchanged for US customers. In addition, there is still no news of any further change.

In fact, the Model Y Long Range price was increased by Tesla in the US market. This was done in response to the government's action of raising the ceiling price of electric vehicles that fall in the crossover category.

According to Elon Musk (CEO), the vehicle orders are almost double what the company produced in the month of January.

However, there's another side to the story that's happening in China. After the announcement of price cuts by Tesla, the Chinese customers who had bought at earlier rates registered their protests. According to them, they ended up paying more for the cars only to witness deep price cuts later on!

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