Apple Stock Went Higher On Sales Of Iphone 14

 Apple Stock Went Higher On Sales Of Iphone 14

Apple (AAPL) Stock Went Higher On Sales Of iPhone 14

Apple (APPL) stock was trading higher due to the launch of another new product dubbed the iPhone 14. The new version of the iPhone 14 is the newest model from the tech company and also belongs to the category of the main product. In fact, the bulk of Apple's profit comes from the sales of iPhones which tells us that the launch of the iPhone 14 was significant for the company.

At the time of writing this, the trading price of Apple (AAPL) was $163 due to the positive news of the iPhone 14.

Solid Demand For iPhone 14

Right now, the demand for the iPhone 13 is very solid despite the slow smartphone market in the world. Based on this, it is only natural to assume that people will want to upgrade from iPhone 13 and other older models to the iPhone 14.

Another key thing to note here is that each new model of iPhone comes with a higher price tag. As customers buy expensive iPhone models, the margins for Apple will increase as well!

Recently, China has also become a key market for iPhones, and the sales of the iPhone 14 are expected to be strong in China as well.

However, there are also some people who are saying that in terms of features, there is very little difference between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14. So based on this analysis, people could switch their iPhone 13 with phones from other manufacturers.

But if you have seen the lines in front of Apple stores after a new iPhone launch, you would know that Apple consumers are more loyal and love to buy new Apple products!

If we look at the technical side of Apple (AAPL), it is also showing positive sentiment. However, let's not forget that inflation and recession are no longer ideas that were discussed among the top authorities. These things are getting real with every passing day and are also affecting consumer spending all over the world!

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