Cisco Csco Could Exceed Its Earning Estimates

 Cisco Csco Could Exceed Its Earning Estimates

Cisco (CSCO) Could Exceed Its Earning Estimates, According To Experts

If you are looking for a tech stock that has the potential for better-than-expected earnings, then Cisco (CSCO) might be the stock... Analysts believe that given the current market situation and the tech industry, in particular, it seems that Cisco is the one which seems the most promising one.

Cisco sells switches, routers, and the associated software for various devices. Looking back at history, it becomes clear that Cisco has a history of beating the market's earning estimates. In fact, the last 2 earning reports of Cisco were 1.19% higher on average (compared with the market's estimates).

The general market's perception was that Cisco's earnings per share would be $0.82. However, the actual number turned out to be $0.83, which was an increase of 1.22%. Similarly, the company posted an EPS of $0.87 against the market's estimate of $0.86 (1.16% higher).

Cisco - History Of Stellar Earning Reports

Considering the past performance of Cisco, the estimates for the company are also trending higher. And when we consider the positive EPS of Cisco, it seems that the upcoming earnings report could also contain a surprise for the investors.

But we can also not ignore the current economic condition of the USA and the technology stocks such as Nvidia, Meta, Alphabet, and others. Pretty much all the major tech companies from the USA have announced plans for downsizing and are reporting lower-than-expected earnings.

So in a market situation like this, it seems that a more cautious approach would be to actually wait for Cisco's upcoming earning reports. Once the report is made public, everything will become clear about the current market situation of Cisco.

But for now, it seems that investors are hooked on the earlier positive results and are expecting a replay of the past. But let's not forget that a lot has changed for the economy and the markets in general since the last 2-3 quarters.

It seems that we will have to wait for a few more days before we can see the surprise packed in Cisco's earning reports.

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