Microsoft Internet Explorer Decomissioned

 Microsoft Internet Explorer Decomissioned

Microsoft Internet Explorer Is Officially Decommissioned

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) which served as the foundation for viewing web pages back in the day has finally reached its end date. After serving the internet community for more than 26 years, Microsoft has finally decided to pull the plug on Internet Explorer.

IE was released for the first time in Windows 95 and then continued to come preinstalled in the later versions of Windows. But the decommissioning of the IE doesn't mean that Microsoft is out of the web browser's game - In fact, it already has a better web browser called 'Edge' which is faster, more secure, and more user-friendly.

After June 2022, Internet Explorer will stop appearing in the Windows 10 consumer versions.

Although the tech giant has been kind of phasing out the IE for years now, it did release an emergency security patch in 2019. Besides this particular instance, Internet Explorer was kind of forgotten by Microsoft for a while now.

According to estimates, approximately 8% of internet users were still using Internet Explorer. However, these users can switch to Microsoft Edge which also comes preinstalled in most versions of Windows.

Microsoft Edge - More Fast & Secure

According to the programme manager of Microsoft Edge, this browser provides a more modern and secure browsing experience to the users. He further commented that Microsoft Edge is better able to run older applications.

From 2000 - 2005, the market share of Internet Explorer was around 90% but today, Google Chrome has claimed that stop from IE.

Another big change that's in the pipelines is the change of default font 'Calibri' in different Microsoft products. To choose an alternate font, Microsoft is inviting users to vote for a new font among 5 contenders. If this happens, then it would mean that Microsoft has changed another piece of its history along with the famed Internet Explorer.

For years, it was a nightmare to browse the web on the Internet Explorer and not to mention that it had a lot of security issues.

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