Dow Futures Remains Flat While Indices Rebound

 Dow Futures Remains Flat While Indices Rebound

Dow Futures Remains Flat While Indices Rebound

By the end of Monday evening, the futures contracts of US stock indices were trading a little lower. This is happening despite the fact that all stock indices are trading higher on the back of Apple's earnings and upcoming interest rate decisions.

The Dow Jones Future is pretty much close to its opening price, while the S&P 500 futures contract is down by 0.1%. In addition, the Nasdaq 100 futures have almost 0.1% of their value as of late.

During the extended trading hours, one particular stock that made the news was Pinterest (PINS), which jumped by 12%. The sudden appreciation of the Pinterest stock came after a better-than-expected Q3 EPS.

Pinterest Surprised With Better-Than-Expected Results

The market was forecasting a $0.21 EPS during the Q3, while the actual reading came out at $0.28. In addition, Pinterest's revenue during Q3 was around $763 million against a forecast of $743.94 million.

Another stock that made news was the Lattice, which dropped by 16%. The revenue for this company was forecasted at $192.08 million, but the actual reading came a little better at $192.17 mn.

Wolfspeed (WOLF) also made waves after gaining an impressive 10%. The gains after WOLF reported $0.53/share losses during the Q1. On the contrary, the market was looking forward to a forecasted loss of around $0.67/share.

Given that we are only 1 day away from the Fed's decision, it makes sense for the stock markets and the future markets to adopt a more cautious approach. That's exactly what we are seeing in the markets these days as we get closer to the big day.

Even if the Fed goes ahead with no rate hike, it wouldn't lead to a much upside in the stock markets. The reason for this is that the decision is already priced in. However, any talks about the timing of the rate cuts or a little dovish stance from the Fed will tip the odds in the stock market's favor.

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