Ig Aquires Tastytrade

 Ig Aquires Tastytrade

IG Acquires Tastytrade

IG Group is a respected name within the financial circles. They have always been on the headlines for good reasons. They have attracted investors and traders with their impeccable services. For IG to be among the listed companies in London, you can easily tell that they are one of the best financial brokers.

Like every other successful company, the IG Group is always pushing to make life easy for its clients. The most recent move is the acquisition of TastyTrade. This one billion US dollars deal has become the talk of the town and has generated lots of interest.

Other Details Of The Deal

Many experts and investors snoop around to know the deal's content between IG Group and TastyTrade. For starters, it has been confirmed that TastyTrades management will remain intact despite the deal. IG Group may not be introducing any new members to the management board for now. In other words, things will remain the way they are.

While the partnership has been brokered in a one billion dollar deal, IG has no intention of paying up the entire amount in cash. Instead, it has been verified that only 30% of that sum will be paid in cash. The remaining 70% will be paid for in 61 000 000 shares. The agreement is that the deal will be closed during IG Group's first-quarter in May 2022.

From the information gathered from different sources so far, it is obvious that traders are positive about this deal and partnership. It is because of the reputation of both platforms. The succeeding sections will take us through some of the things we ought to know about both platforms when they existed independently.

IG Group

It will not come as a surprise to anyone that IG Group is currently one of the most renowned brokers in the whole UK. As a financial broker, IG Group is part of the London listing. We all know that you do not get listed in financial markets by mistake. You have to earn your position. That tells you that IG Group has been doing remarkably well in the financial markets before now.


TastyTrade is not a new name in the trading arena in the US. Thanks to more than 100,000 trading accounts with their Chicago headquarters, they have made a name for themselves. The company also has about 900 000 other registrations. The figures tell you that TastyTrade has always appealed to retail traders in the US. They have remained one of the top choices for the best trading platforms. It is why traders are looking forward to a fantastic partnership between both platforms. It is also important to know what the experts are saying.

Expert Opinion

According to most experts, the deal between IG Group and TastyTrade is attractive in every sense. June Felix, IG Group's CEO, has been very excited about the partnership. He has expressed his joy about the plan and has admitted that TastyTrade is welcome to partner with IG. According to him, this will be one of the most formidable partnerships in the history of trading platforms. He further stated that the deal would help IG expand their frontiers by benefiting from the growing retail trade market. It also means that there is a high possibility that IG will extend their services to cover retail futures and options. The IG and TastyTrade deal looks promising and exciting from every perspective.

Final Verdict On IG Acquires TastyTrade

TastyTrade has had a reputation for providing traders with educational resources and trading services. IG thought it wise to acquire TastyTrade because of its history of success. Traders and investors have been optimistic about this partnership, knowing full well that it will bring them more opportunities. IG will only become better after this deal because they have been a force to reckon with on their own.

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