Amazon To Begin Drone Deliveries

 Amazon To Begin Drone Deliveries

Amazon To Start Drone Deliveries

For the first time ever in e-commerce history, the retail giant Amazon has announced it will start the delivery of parcels via drone. However, Amazon will need to get the required regulatory approvals before starting the deliveries by drone!

At the start, users who are in the Lockeford town of California will be able to sign up for deliveries of goods by drones. And in case you are wondering how it will work, the goods will be delivered by air using a drone - Using this system, the users will be able to get their goods delivered quickly while also bypassing any ground traffic.

However, that's not the first time that Amazon or other retail giants have made such promises. In fact, Amazon has been promising drone deliveries for a few years now but has always faced setbacks and delays. According to Amazon, the delivery of goods using drones will be rolled out in other areas after Lockeford.

According to the users, it almost feels like science fiction when we think about the delivery by drones. But will Amazon be actually able to pull it off this time? We will only be able to tell by the end of this year as the residents of Lockeford start to receive their good deliveries!

Prime Air - Amazon Drone Deliveries

According to Amazon, the feedback they get about the Prime Air service will help them to create a service that can safely and quickly deliver the customer's parcels everywhere and anytime.

Lockeford town has a population of 4000 people, and Amazon plans to drop the parcels in the backyard of the customer's home.

I mean, wouldn't it be great if you just place an order only for it to be delivered by a drone & dropped directly in your backyard? It will solve a lot of problems people face in logistics and the delivery of their orders.

Amazon Prime Air - How It Works?

Here's a rundown of How the Amazon Prime Air service will work:

  1. Customers will place an order which is eligible for Prime Air delivery.
  2. An estimated arrival time for the order will be shown, along with tracking information.
  3. A drone will be assigned to deliver the goods to the customer's house.
  4. The drone will descend down to the backyard of the customer's home until it has reached a safe height.
  5. Then the package will be safely released, and the drone will fly back to the warehouse.

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