Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Work From Home

 Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Work From Home

Mark Zuckerberg Would Continue Working From Home

Thousands of Facebook employees are working from home and boss Mark Zuckerberg too is housebound amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He is trying to balance his professional and personal aspects of life while working from home.

However, the multibillionaire acknowledged talking to the press recently that the productivity of Facebook workers has declined with the new culture of working remotely due to the pandemic restrictions.

His comments have emerged at a time when Facebook announced would be launching a center for coronavirus information that will be featured exclusively at the top position of the news feeds of users. It will be equipped with relevant information from various authoritative sites including the World Health Organization.

The feature will initially appear in the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. It will be equipped with real-time updates from respective countries' health departments as well as global organizations featuring videos, posts and articles about physical distancing and the ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

Zuckerberg added that isolation due to coronavirus lockdown in several countries could lead to mental health and depression issues in people and this is the reason Facebook has increased the number of a team that monitors the posts of users whether those indicate suicidal or self-harm thoughts.

Meanwhile, the social giant announced would be granting a bonus of $1,000 to all its employees amid the pandemic.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. The primary focus is to empower people in building a community and simultaneously bring closer the world. With a restructuring in 2021, Meta Platforms, Inc. has been named as the parent company of Facebook.

Metaverse is currently the pet project of Zuckerberg. He is investing heavily in the augmented-reality world. He is hiring employees in good numbers for the department and simultaneously encouraging the Facebook employees to join the new team.

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