Deutsche Telekom Has Announced Support For Ethereum Blockchain

 Deutsche Telekom Has Announced Support For Ethereum Blockchain

Deutsche Telekom Has Announced Support For Ethereum Blockchain

The parent company of T-Mobile has recently announced its support for the Ethereum blockchain. Deutsche Telekom is one of the major telecommunications providers in the European region in terms of revenue. After the announcement of Ethereum support, it is expected that the digital asset will further strengthen its stronghold.

The statement was issued just a few days ago in which the parent company announced that it would be expanding its blockchain-related activities in the form of Ethereum. When inquired about the exact nature of support, the company stated that it would be in the form of infrastructure. The company plans to provide validation nodes to the Ethereum network and is already doing so in some capacity!

T-Systems MMS Announced Support Of ETH Blockchain

After the successful merge in the ETH network, it has moved towards the PoS mechanism, which is known for low energy utilization. The T-Systems MMS is a strong supporter of sustainable crypt networks, and after this move by the ETH, it has become a favorite of the parent company! To show its support, the telecom company will be operating the Ethereum PoS-based validation nodes.

The telecom company is also working with Stake Wise, which offers liquid staking pools. This technology allows the users to keep hold of their ETH tokens without having to do anything with the operation of validator nodes. In short, this technology lowers the barrier to crypto investments and thus also highlights the importance of T-systems MMS.

T-Systems MMS And StakeWise

StackWise company collects the ETH from a lot of different users to create a validator node. Then these validator nodes are operated on the T-systems MMS infrastructure... One of the benefits of this system is that it can be used in the Defi applications and the ETH tokens always remain accessible to the owners as well.

Deutsche Telekom is already working with several crypto firms, such as Polkadot, Celo, and Flow. But after the recent announcement, it seems that the telecom company is finally stepping up its game!

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