Uk One Of Worlds Largest Forex Markets

 Uk One Of Worlds Largest Forex Markets

The UK Is Among The Top Forex Markets In The World

For the proper functioning of investing and international trade, one of the backbones is the foreign exchange market of the UK! It also plays an important in the UK's imports and exports which allows access to vital resources. If we remove the country's ability to trade in multiple currencies, the prospects of the UK will become limited.

Many people think that if we remove the UK's role as a major FX market player, it could also hinder the country's economic growth.

FX Trading Increased By 30%

A survey was released by an institute which revealed that FX trading in London increased by 30% since the famous Brexit vote. This has turned London into one of the major hubs for Forex trading - Almost 43% market share is captured by the United Kingdom, while the US share is around 17% only.

Today, the Sibos conference is also going to start where 8000 people from the financial industry join together. For the first time ever, the Sibos conference is held in the city of London. As a result, many are believing this conference will further strengthen London's position in the world of finance and especially in the FX market.

One of the fastest growing sectors in Forex trading is automated trading - Based on the data, algorithmic trading has increased by a whopping 41% when compared to the past. In fact, this type of trading is gaining popularity among corporate treasures and asset managers alike.

If you think about it, computers can read and understand data much faster than human beings. It is this speed of the computers which has given rise to automated trading in the UK and all over the world.

Any volatility in the UK market will only further strengthen the share of automated trading in the FX markets. The reason for this increase is simple - People will want to capitalize and even make a profit from difficult geopolitical situations!

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