Apple (aapl) Moves Into Ai Music

 Apple (aapl) Moves Into Ai Music

Apple (AAPL) Moves Into AI Music

Apple has just acquired a UK-based startup music company, AI Music, which makes use of artificial intelligence for music creation dynamically, based on user interaction and other factors. The key selling point is its Infinite Music Engine that can make new variations of songs, a completely different one, automatically on a certain time, conditions and other things.

Unnamed sources reveal the acquisition was completed in recent weeks and the song-shifting technology used by AI Music to put together a song from royalty-free music was the main point of interest for Apple. The official website of the startup states how the AI-based algorithms in its system are capable of changing and adapting music for different use cases such as marketers, fitness enthusiasts and publishers.

The best part of AI Music for Apple is that the song-shifting technology can be used based on user interaction like if a user is working out as well as listening to songs simultaneously, the algorithms may alter the tempo based on the heart rate automatically.

The technology has the potentiality of commercial application like marketers may use the concept to dynamically change music based on one's mood.

LinkedIn page of AI Music states sonic adventurers, developers and brands can have access to their intelligent music library and the primary goal is to offer the users the power to choose music of their choice that fits their needs.

The song-shifting technology allows choosing from different variations of the same song and getting a new version. A novice can become a music creator without being able to sing.

Apple may use the technology to create soundtracks for various apps and services like Apple TV, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Photos app.

AI Music CEO Siavash Mahdavi earlier said in one of his interviews that the company can create a remix that connects with users and thereafter pulls it into a song. It is not about creating new songs, but simply tweaking the existing songs to change the way music is consumed today.

He added further that AI Music can explore the original version of the song, the acoustic version, the whole album and it continues.

The acquisition figure is not disclosed and the official website of AI Music is currently down. Moreover, its social media feeds of it have been deleted. However, the LinkedIn profile still exists and some information about the company can be grabbed from here.

The iPhone maker has recently worked with AdsWizz for the creation of adaptive audio ads to match the preference of listeners. The company is simultaneously learned to be releasing an AR/VR headset to incorporate the AI Music's technology for pairing with its AirPods.

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