City Index Launches New Trading Platform

 City Index Launches New Trading Platform

City Index Launches New Trading Platform

City Index has been highly revered as one of the best trading platforms. And as a platform that is working hard to please its customers, City Index has launched a new trading workspace. What's the platform like? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the new City Index trading platform.

Latest Features

The newest City Index trading platform is called Web Trader. As you would expect, it is crammed with exciting features like HTML5 charts, 360 degrees market view, smart trade tickets, and swift transaction of orders.

Customisable Environments

City Index's new trading platform is designed with a unique and intuitive user interface that guarantees a seamless trading experience. Web Trader has a default workspace that contains charts, watchlists, position windows, and lists to help you get started. Some of the customisable things you can do on the new trading platform include the following.

Adding new workspaces is possible. All you are required to do is hit the Create New Tab option on the bar that's on top.

Resizing of components is also achievable on the new trading platform. For instance, you can click and drag the borders and include position windows, news, more than one chart, etc. You can add as many as ten workspaces.

The New Search And Browse Feature

Searching for whatever you are looking for on a trading platform has never been easier. Web Traders' new search and browse feature helps you locate anything you want. It is equipped with advanced search filters. With its advanced search option, you can now conduct searches by various categories, like stock code or market name. Search results appear in an alphabetical order, which simplifies how you can identify answers to your search. Look to the left of the platform. At the top bar, you will find the Search and Browse functionality.

How To Search For Any Market

Type the instrument you are interested in, and a list of the results will be displayed.

Search by product, like spread betting or CFD, select a chart to view, trade, include the product on your watchlist, or include a price notification.

The Way The New Balance Bar Works

You can now have a quick view of the most relevant information. Information like your total margin, active profit and loss, and balances can now be accessed directly at the top. It is also noteworthy that you don't have to navigate through too many pages to make deposits. You can add your funds quickly using the Balance bar.

How Can I Access Positions And Orders Info?

You can access the Positions and Orders page by clicking on the drop-down menu to the right side of your workspace. Everything you want to know about your position will be contained in the Positions tab. For instance, all the positions you have just opened will be shown on the Positions table and sorted according to time.

The buy order and sell orders are represented by blue and red blocks. It's also possible to manage your stop and limit orders, check trade history, and set price notifications.

360 Degrees View

This is new and almost exclusive to Web Trader. You can now access charts, market information, economic calendar, and news from a single page. Choose a market from the watchlist at the top of the page. Or choose by swapping between Watchlists on the drop-down to your left.

Anything New About Trade Tickets?

Yes, there has been quite some changes with Trade Tickets. You can now set stop and limit orders at the price level. If you make any changes, their values will be updated quickly. With the help of the Advanced Ticket, you can now place more than one stop and limit on a particular position. The trade ticket has an order tab that lets you place your orders without stress.

City Index Launches New Trading Platform Verdict

The new City Index trading platform has great features that can help you have a fantastic trading experience. The features have been enhanced to ensure better trading. Sign up with Web Trader and see for yourself.

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