Facebook Changes Privacy Policy

 Facebook Changes Privacy Policy

Facebook Changes Its Privacy Policy

Meta, which is the parent company behind Facebook & Instagram recently announced changes to its privacy policies. According to Meta, these changes were made to make it easier for the consumers to understand how their information is being used.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has been under massive criticism by the general public and even regulators for its use of customers' data.

Although this privacy policy is applicable to the majority of Meta products, the IM app WhatsApp will not be covered by this update.

Two New Changes In Meta Privacy Policy

Meta clearly stated that these changes in privacy policy don't include any new ways to collect or use the user's data. In fact, this update has introduced two new ways for users to control how their information is being used or processed.

A new setting has been made on Facebook, which will allow the users to control the audience of their posts. Although such settings were already available, the new update will allow more control for the end user. Besides the privacy policy, Meta has also updated its ToS (terms of service) as well.

Although the majority of people do not even bother with reading TOS or privacy policy, if you are someone who takes it seriously, then you should look at the TOS and privacy policy to understand the new changes.

According to Meta, users who do not wish to accept the new changes are totally free to leave our services. And if they agree to the new changes, they do not need to do anything - The usage of Meta services by the users means that they have already accepted the new policies.

Simplifying The Complex Policies

These changes will become live from 26 July and will simplify the complex policies of different Meta products. Its been years since the regulators and the privacy legislators have been calling for a more comprehensive policy from the Meta.

A few months back, the company was also wanted about regulatory headwinds that could put a road back into future growth. And in 2008, Meta was fined 14.4 million GBP for breaching the data privacy laws of the EU.

So it seems that the changes like these are an attempt to avoid the hefty fines while also getting in line with what the regulators want from the company!

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