Google Buys Mandiant For 5bn Usd

 Google Buys Mandiant For 5bn Usd

Google Buys Mandiant for 5BN USD

Google is acquiring technology firm Mandiant for $5.4 billion to enable threat intelligence as well as an incident response into its cloud feature and help organizations in minimizing cybersecurity challenges which are on the rise in recent years by several folds.

Enterprises are on the look to ways in addressing the cybersecurity risks by quickly responding to adversaries and scale threat detection.

Mandiant is a standalone entity since June 2021. It was acquired by FireEye in 2013 and later the products business along with the FireEye brand was sold to a consortium that was led by Symphony Technology Group, a private-equity firm, for $1.2 billion.

Symphony simultaneously acquired McAfee in March 2021 at the cost of $4 billion and merged it with Mandiant at the beginning of 2022 to form Trellix. The company is well known for uncovering a cyber attack on SolarWinds in December 2020 that affected thousands of customers without being traced for months.

The Mandiant acquisition will strengthen the Google Cloud product with respect to security. It will help in providing an end-to-end security suite and provide greater capabilities. Security challenges of customers will be addressed with protection at every stage such as advisory services, threat detection and intelligence, automation and response tools, testing and validation, and managed defense.

A press release of Google states that they are a pioneer in multicloud technology and the security suite will help in providing a central point of analysis, operations and intelligence as well. Google Cloud is committed to cyber security and the Mandiant acquisition will help security service providers, resellers and system integrators in providing greater solutions to customers.

About Mandiant

Mandiant was founded in 2004 by Kevin Mandia as Red Cliff Consulting. It was renamed in 2006 and has significant fame as an American cybersecurity firm. It rose to great prominence in early 2013 after releasing a report that revealed China was directly implicating in cyber espionage. It is a public company and headquartered in Reston, Virginia, US.

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud helps organizations in the digital transformation of their businesses by offering enterprise-grade solutions. It is being used by customers from more than 200 countries across the world and considers the product as their trusted partner with respect to solving business problems and enabling growth.

About Google

Google was founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in Menlo Park, California, US. It focuses on multiple products and the prominent ones include search engine, cloud computing, online advertising, quantum computing, computer software, consumer electronics, e-commerce and artificial intelligence. It is one of the Big Five companies in the US IT sphere. The other four are Microsoft, Meta, Apple and Amazon.

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