Nikkei 225 Index Down As Major Sectors Turn Red

 Nikkei 225 Index Down As Major Sectors Turn Red

Nikkei 225 Index Down By 0.56% As Major Sectors Turn Red.

Most of the Japanese stocks remained in red during Thursday's session. The most notable sectors which closed the day in reed were retail, mining, plastic & petroleum, & and chemical. The Nikkei 225 closed the day with a 0.56% change in percentage loss.

The session's best performers balanced the downside in the Japanese stock index. The first name is Nippon, which jumped 8.01% and was last seen near 4721. Next up was Mitsui OSK, which jumped by 333 points (equivalent to +7.39%).

Big Losses Registered By Tokyo Electron

The 3rd spot was taken by Mitsui Engineering, which added 48 points during the session, equivalent to +6.80% upside.

If we look at the losers, the first name is Tokyo Electron, which shed 1245 points on Thursday. Next up is Softbank Group, which lost 3.77% of its value during the session. Similarly, Advantest Corp, another big name in Nikkei 225, was trading near 4616 with a change of -3.77%.

If we look at the number of stocks with upside against those with downside, it becomes clear that the former won with a good margin. Despite this, the Japanese stock market closed in red as the intensity of loss was more severe.

The most notable change was Nippon Yusen, which added 8.01% during the same session. By the end of Thursday's session, Nippon Yusenw will be trading near 4721.

The Nikkei volatility index measures the overall volatility of the Japanese stock market. This index shows an increase of 2.11%, equal to around 17.46 points. This is a sign that the volatility in the index options has increased.

Elsewhere, February's contract of crude oil climbed 0.98% & is now trading near $73.41. Similarly, Brent oil March's contract also gained 0.75% and was trading near $78.41. Similarly, the futures (February) contract of Gold also jumped by 0.56%, which is a sign that the market is now investing in riskier assets.

Looking back at the Japanese economy, the USD/JPY changed by 0.28%, a sign of JPY's weakness. In addition, the EUR/JPY also advanced higher towards the 157.09 level.

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