Tesla Recalls 475000 Us Cars

 Tesla Recalls 475000 Us Cars

Tesla Recalls Around 475000 Cars from The USA

Tesla (famed electric car maker) is to recall a total of 475000 cars from the USA, according to the documents from the US safety regulator. According to the car manufacturer, the reason for recalling these cars was due to the problems with the rear-view camera of the Model 3 Teslas (2017-2020).

The Model S vehicle of Tesla has also run into some potential issues with the boot (front trunk). According to estimates, around 119009 vehicles of the Model S will also be recalled due to this particular issue.

Overall, the total number of recalled vehicles will be around 500,000, which is a really big number by all accounts!

Defective Rear-View Camera Is the Issue

A safety report was submitted by the company this month, which estimated that roughly 1% of the Model 3s vehicles which are recalled might have issues with the rear-view camera.

But what's behind the occurrence of defective rear view cameras in these Tesla cars? Repeated usage (opening/closing) of the trunk lid is causing excessive wear & tear to the cable that provides the feed from the rear-view camera. This issue was stated by Tesla to the NHTSA on 21st December.

Excessive wear and tear can cause the cable core to separate, and as a result, the feed from the rear-view camera stops displaying on the car's dashboard.

Increased Risk Of Collision

For a modern car like Tesla, it can significantly increase the collision risk if the rear-view camera feed is lost. However, only a fraction of the Model S vehicles were affected as it has been manufactured by the company from 2014 to 2021!

Another report was also filled by Tesla, which stated that problems with the primary latch could result in the accidental release of the front trunk, which can obstruct the visibility of the driver and may cause a crash! Around 14% of Tesla vehicles are reported to have this problem, according to the report.

However, Tesla also stated that there was no reported case of any injuries, deaths, or crashes due to these faults.

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