Sony Halt Film Releases In Russia

 Sony Halt Film Releases In Russia

Sony Halt Film Releases in Russia

The Russian invasion of Ukraine started on February 24 and since then various countries and companies have distanced from Russia. In a recent update, Sony has discontinued its services in the country. It has halted the release of any more films in cinemas across Russia.

This means the upcoming movies including Morbius, Turning Red and The Batman will not be hitting the Russian theaters as scheduled. Earlier, energy giants and carmakers had cut ties with the country.

Similarly, Disney announced the release of Turning Red, an animated film of Pixar, will be delayed in Russia due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Netflix stated not to offer state-backed Russian channels to its customers. Facebook and Twitter have reduced the state-backed Russian news content on their platforms.

Earlier this week, Russia accused Instagram of allowing hatred posts against Russian civilians and Russian military personnel on the platform. Meta owns both Instagram and Facebook. It lately clarified posts containing a call for the assassination of the Russian president will be facilitated on the platform.The company said it will not be tolerating Russophobia, violence, harassment or discrimination towards the country on the platform.

BP and Shell oil giants are planning to sell off their Russian interests and TotalEnergies oil company announced not to be financing any new project in the country. Both Mastercard and Visa have blocked several Russian financial organizations and institutions while the Russian banks are not compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay now.

Canada has banned Russian oil imports and Jaguar has halted deliveries of its Land Rover vehicles in the country. MSC and Maersk transport giants have suspended their container shipping if the consignments are not equipped with humanitarian, medical or food items. Harley-Davidson too has halted the shipments of its bikes to Russia.

Apart from all these, Russia said it will be emerging much stronger with all the sanctions by various countries and companies against them.

Meanwhile, the invasion has entered the third week and Russia is learned to have asked China to provide military assistance in Ukraine. The two countries are working on coming up with co-badged cards and these can be powered by the UnionPay or Mir payment systems as Mastercard and Visa have halted operations in the country.

China has denied such claims and its embassy in the United States stated the priority is to ease the tension between Russia and Ukraine. Russia too denied seeking any military assistance from China. BBC reports the US has warned China against providing any support to Russia.

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