Jeff Bezos Eyes For Outer Space

 Jeff Bezos Eyes For Outer Space

Jeff Bezos Eyes For Outer Space

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is planning something big for setting the foot of mankind in outer space and his Blue Origin rocket company has come up with a lunar lander to build up infrastructure away from earth to make us interplanetary species.

The founder of Amazon understands the resources on earth are running out fast irrespective of the conservative measures including climate change programs by the world leaders. He assumes energy rationing is not far and could be levied on humans in the future. Humans are paving a bad path and our next generations to face comparatively worse lives.

The climate change attitude of his company is different from others. The crisis seems inevitable and it is worthless to bother fighting against it. He pledged in 2014 to make the data centers of Amazon Web Services run on renewables. He was late by about two years for the pledge from tech giants Facebook and Apple. However, a recent report reveals only 12 percent f the data centers run on the promised clean energy.

Meanwhile, Amazon argues the data centers are using fifty percent renewals since 2018 as there are a couple of ways to measure the usage.

The e-commerce giant announced in 2021 to handle the delivery services by itself and ordered 20,000 units of diesel vans. It has promised to make deliveries carbon neutral to the extent of fifty percent by 2030.

However, it is important to mention here a statement of Bezos that made headlines about 11 years ago. He said the Blue Origin may take five years to make humans reach the moon.

The race to become the first in outer space is high among tech companies. Tesla chief Elon Musk earlier said Mars can be colonized and humans can have a living there. It is yet to see how long the companies take to fulfill their dreams.

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