Apple Card Loophole

 Apple Card Loophole

Apple Pay Discontinues Russia-Based Mir Card Payment System

Apple Pay service has discontinued the Mir payment system of Russia as a reciprocation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The National Card Payment System of the country has been intimated about the decision.

Russia started sending troops equipped with war equipment into Ukraine on February 24 and the tensions between the two countries have continued for the third month in a row without any solution. Most Ukrainian cities and towns have been destroyed. Citizens in great numbers have been displaced and taken refuge in the neighboring countries.

Apple facilitated payments through Mir in 2021. Customers were allowed to use it through Visa or Mastercard cards. The platform is the largest payments system as well as lender in the country.

Sberbank, the dominant lender in Russia said the iPhone maker has intimated the bank about restricting access to the Apple Pay service.

This means the Russian payment system will not be supported by Apple Pay anymore. It was used as a loophole by the Russians amid sanctions imposed by the western allies. Uploading of new Mir cards is currently not available. Moreover, the previously added cards will cease to work on the platform.

Mir card started operating in the country in 2016.

The Western allies have imposed a ban on the import of oil and gas from Russia. Moreover, the Russian banks have been removed from the SWIFT payment systems. The war has continued long and this has resulted in a shortage of gas in several European countries. Prices of fuel have jumped high and this has led to an increase in the prices of essential kitchen items including food. Inflation is at a record high level in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Meanwhile, Japan has announced to rely more on nuclear for energy production rather than to depend on the Russian gas supply.

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