Etx Acquires Oval Money Ltd

 Etx Acquires Oval Money Ltd

ETX Acquires Oval Money Ltd

Guru Capital has recently announced its deal and intention to acquire virtually all Oval Money Ltd assets. After having several discussions and negotiations, they have finally reached an agreement. Guru' intention is to acquire the assets and have them incorporated into ETX Capital, an online CFD broker that happens to be a subsidiary of Guru Capital.

That's not all, as Guru has also reached advanced talks regarding acquiring the shares of OVAL Marketplace, one of the subsidiary companies of Oval Money. They also intend to buy 100% of all the shares. So what else do we need to know about these acquisitions? Read the rest of the article to find out.

Their Mission

ETX and Oval share a common goal of providing clients with a number of financial products and services. And somehow, they have managed to focus on that goal since their inception. The combination is meant to speed up business growth, fostering better client engagement by offering clients the necessary support when it comes to drafting out smart rules that would define the way they save.

In addition, it will also help clients define how they make payments, draw up their investment goals, track their spending, and also engage the financial markets to trade. All of these can be performed inside one app. It is a mobile app in different versions.

What You Need To Know About Oval Money

Oval money has been a successful name in the financial world for a long time now. It will please you to know that Oval Money has won several Fintech awards. Since they were launched in 2017, they have won most of the awards given in that category.

The mobile app run by Oval Money has more than one hundred thousand users that they help with saving and investment services. Thanks to their several financial packages, users can invest on a continual basis, and automatic too.

What You Need To Know About ETX Capital

ETX Capital came alive in 1965. Since then they have made a name for themselves by impacting the industry significantly. For example, they are known as one of the best online CFD & financial spread betting broker. They offer web-based trading services, particularly to clients in the UK and in Europe. These clients are privileged to access more than 5,000 markets which comprise commodities, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies and Forex. You can see that ETX is not new in the arena of financial services. Instead, they have been experienced and they know how to give their clients the best services in this regard.

The Implication Of The Acquisition

ETX Capital has been a successful company on their own. They are most known for providing their clients with a suite of financial services. When they buy out the assets of Oval Money and add it to theirs, there can only be one outcome. Their services have been boosted and enhanced since they acquired Oval Money's assets. According to many users, using the platform for CFD and financial spread better has only become more interesting.

It is a win-win partnership for both ETX Capital and Oval Money. Everyone is smiling home at the end of the deal. Oval Money gets to keep the proceeds gotten from the sales while ETX Capital would have been rebranded to a whole new and better company. So none of the parties in this deal is losing out on anything.

Should You Invest With ETX Capital?

ETX Capital as you may already know it, is one of the most reliable financial spread betting and CFD brokers around at the moment. They definitely seem like a good fit to do business with when you are looking for a trusted broker. The fact that they have bought a huge portion of Oval Money means their services will be a lot better now. Therefore, if you are in the UK and Europe, ETX Capital sure sounds like a good broker you can patronize.

ETX has recently acquired Oval Money Ltd. Both companies have excelled greatly in the area of offering clients with many financial services. And you know what? ETX just got better with this deal. Get ready to enjoy the best of savings and investing with ETX henceforth.

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