Intel Apologises To China

 Intel Apologises To China

Intel Finally Apologises to China

Famous microchip maker Intel (USA) has finally apologized after its letter was surfaced urging the suppliers not to source labor or products from China. This letter from Intel sparked a lot of criticism from China with many even calling for a boycott of the company in China.

The alleged letter stated that Intel wanted to ensure that any part of its supply chain did not use any goods or labour sourced from the Xinjiang. This move was made after multiple governments from all over the world placed restrictions on China for its human rights abuses in the province of Xinjiang.

The Xinjiang region is home to large Muslim population and is also in the news for its forced labor camps and possible genocide of the Muslim population.

Last year, an investigation was also launched by a broadcasting company which stated that China was forcing Uyghur Muslims into forced manual labor in the cotton fields of Xinjiang.

Intel Says It Is Complying With US Law

Intel said that its avoidance of the supply chains was to comply with the USA laws and was not reflecting the company's position on this sensitive issue.

That's why Intel also apologized to its Chinese partners, customers, and the general public. The firm also said that it wants to become a trusted partner in technology and development with China.

Earlier, the US present Joe Biden also signed a bill which stated that all companies will have to prove that any goods imported from the Xinjiang region must not be produced with forced manual labor. This bill was also passed by the Congress which means that companies like Intel will have to follow it to the letter.

Currently, Intel employees around 10,000 people in China and has a strong presence in the Chinese markets. In fact, Intel is famous worldwide and holds a major market share.

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