Jeff Bezos Helping To Fix Climate Change

 Jeff Bezos Helping To Fix Climate Change

Jeff Bezos Helping To Fix Climate Change

The wealthiest person on the earth pledges to help climate change programs. He announced a donation of $10 billion lately to nongovernmental organizations, activists and scientists working for the purpose through the Bezos Earth Fund initiative. Collective action is required from corporate giants, global organizations, nation-states and of course individuals to make the planet greener.

However, it is yet to understand why the billionaire Jeff Bezos took a longer time than other tech giants. His company Amazon has now released a related report on environmental impact after pressure from employees in late 2019. It emitted carbon dioxide equivalent to about 44.4 million metric tons into the atmosphere in 2018. The emission is very high and nearly the emissions of Norway.

Amazon has pledged to use renewal energy completely by 2030. Solar and wind power will play a major role by 2024. Zero-emission is being promised by 2040. Apart from all these, it is not to forget that its Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still relying on gas and oil.

Meanwhile, the Amazon boss is busy with other priority projects like his Blue Origin. He hopes the company can send humans to outer space where they will live as well as work.

Bezos can put his donations towards the support of lobbying groups and politicians who are working for renewable subsidies, carbon taxes, emission caps and other such clean policies.

It is now important to understand how the e-commerce giant may meet the climate goals. No technological fix is now available that can help in overcoming the climate crisis. Moreover, a coordinated effort is required from governments and business houses across the world. They need to think more than us about what kind of earth is required for our futures generations to live with the climate crisis.

Tesla chief Elon Musk simultaneously has plans to colonize Mars.

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