Google Home Employees Face Paycut

 Google Home Employees Face Paycut

Google Work-From-Home Employees To Witness Pay Cuts

Google employees to witness changes in their pay structure compared to pre-pandemic years. If employees coming from remote locations switch over to permanently work from home could experience cuts. It is simply an experiment across Silicon Valley.

Twitter and Facebook recently announced similar pay cuts for remote employees who are located in the less expensive areas. Zillow, Reddit and a couple of more companies have made pay mode policies based on location saying it is for the betterment while hiring and retaining employees.

Google spokesperson said their compensation packages are always determined by location and the payment is structured based on the local market. The pay will differ from state to state and city to city.

A Google employee remaining anonymous said he may witness a pay cut of 10 percent if he chooses to work from home completely. He works at the Seattle office and commutes from a nearby county. It takes about two hours to reach his office.

He wishes to work from the office instead of from home even though commuting is time-killing as his past hard work for promotion cannot be justified by a pay cut.

A salary calculator screenshot of the company reveals an employee traveling for about an hour to commute from Connecticut to New York City by train may witness a pay cut by 15 percent if opts to work from home. A colleague working in the same office and living in NYC may not see any pay cut if decides to work from home. Differences between 5 percent and 10 percent can be witnessed if employees are located in Boston and San Francisco. It is learned from a couple of employees that the pay cut may rise as high as 25 percent.

It is yet to be witnessed what could be the outcome of the new pay structures and whether more employees opt to work from physical offices.

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