Tesla Gets Sued By A Customer Over Privacy Intrusion

 Tesla Gets Sued By A Customer Over Privacy Intrusion

Tesla Gets Sued By A Customer Over Privacy Intrusion

On Friday, a California-based owner of a Tesla car sued the Tesla company over alleged privacy intrusions. According to the customer, the company is violating the customer's privacy!

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court and came at a time when it was revealed that some Tesla employees were sharing images/videos coming from customers' car cameras. According to reports, this sharing of private images/videos took place between 2019 - 2022.

The lawsuit, Henry Yeh is the one who is suing the Tesla company, and he owns a Tesla Model Y car. According to Henry, the company employees used the videos and images for their own tasteless entertainment and humiliation.

He also added that after learning about Tesla's cameras and their use for privacy violations, he was enraged and shocked at the same time.

Tesla Must Be Held Accountable

It appears that the lax privacy policies of Tesla have come back to bite the company. And if the allegations are true, it could easily cost the company a lot of money and a lot of damaged reputation.

The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Henry Yeh, the public, as well as other class members who own the Tesla cars. Basically, anyone who has leased or owned a Tesla during the last 4 years will be under the prospective class.

As per the reports, the Tesla employees were able to see customers doing intimate things and even normal everyday stuff such as laundry. According to one former employee, they could even see the customer's kids!

Considering the strict laws surrounding children's privacy all over the world, this could easily become a really pressing matter if the allegations are indeed true.

The lawsuit is requesting the court to stop Tesla from partaking in such wrongful behavior and to recover the damages caused by the company's action.

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