Doubleverify Stock

 Doubleverify Stock

A Look At Doubleverify Stock

Doubleverify is one of the independent and leading platforms for the measurement and analytics of digital media. Using this platform, users can authenticate the effectiveness and quality of digital media - Due to its usefulness and popularity, Doubleverify is used by almost all the major media platforms and brands.

The fact which makes Doubleverify (DV) so unique is that it was among the companies which entered the business of digital ad verification. Today, there are a lot of companies that are in the same field, but the largest publishers, brands, and platforms still prefer DV other than them due to their good customer service and use of industry-leading tech!

DoubleVerify - How It Started?

The story of DV began when Oren Netzer was reading the NY Times through the web and saw a digital advertisement on the site. At that time, he saw an advertisement for Target and automatically assumed that it was launching in his country - However, that was not the case at all!

DoubleVerify (DV) Stock - Increased RS Rating

Due to the good performance of the DV stock, its RSI (relative strength) rating increased on Wednesday from 75 up to 84. If we look at the composite rating of DoubleVerify, it was around 92 when checked last time.

Even when you look at any other stock for buying, one of the key factors to check is its relative price strength. But how does the relative strength rating works? It checks the movement of a stock in the last 52 weeks and then measures its performance against other stocks present in the database. In the end, a rating can be obtained that measures the strength of a stock relative to other companies (stocks).

A look at the history reveals that the stocks with an RS rating of 80 or higher are usually the ones that record the biggest gains.

Currently, the company DoubleVerify is at the #3 spot among other companies from the same group. Some of the other companies which are related to the DV include DropBox (DBX), which is also a good tech company.

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