Tesla Misses Its Delivery Estimates Due To Logistic Snarls

 Tesla Misses Its Delivery Estimates Due To Logistic Snarls

Tesla Misses Its Delivery Estimates Due To Logistic Snarls

For the 3rd quarter, Tesla has failed to meet the car deliveries forecast, and as a result, customers will have to wait for more now! This failure to meet the delivery estimates is a sign that the company is facing logistic problems.

During the 3rd quarter, total car deliveries were around 343,830 worldwide. On the other hand, the forecast set by the experts was around 358000 electric cars. So based on these numbers, Tesla fell short by a few thousand car deliveries which mean few thousand unsatisfied customers!

It Is Getting Difficult To Maintain Car Transportation Capacity

Tesla said that they usually have problems with car delivery problems when they near the end of a quarter. On the one hand, the production volume of e-cars is growing, which is making it difficult to secure sufficient transportation capacity to get these cars to the customers. On top of that, peak logistics season is also increasing the costs of transportation!

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) recently issued a statement in which he said that the company is working to ensure steady deliveries. However, he also accepted that the customers are suffering from the rush during the end of quarters.

It is the quarterly deliveries which are also most looked at due to their relationship with the financial results. Although new EV manufacturers have entered the market, the company which is still leading is Tesla, without any doubt!

Tesla has also stated that it is expecting the car delivery numbers to vary around 0.5% (+ or -).

For now, the largest markets for Tesla are China and the USA where most of the Model Y and the Model 3 sedans are sold.

The Tesla Model Y, 3, X, and S are produced in California and the newer Model Y and 3 are produced in China. Tesla has also made new plants in Austin and Berlin from where it plans to boost production.

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