Tesla China Reopen Factory After Covid Lockdown

 Tesla China Reopen Factory After Covid Lockdown

Tesla Shanghai Factory Reopens After Covid Lockdown

Even though Shanghai is under a lockdown phase due to a fresh outbreak of the COVID-19 variant, the authorities have helped more than 6,000 Tesla workers in transportation to resume disinfection work in the company's factory to pave the path to reopening it.

An official letter addressed to the authorities in the Lingang Special Area of the city is learned to have mentioned details of the support extended last month to Tesla and it is an indication that Shanghai is trying to restart the business.

Tesla factory in Shanghai resumed operation on April 19. It was temporarily shut down for 22 days due to the lockdown restrictions. The company thanked local authorities for the help describing the efforts made in arranging buses for its 6,000 workers to disinfect the facility before reopening as closed-loop production.

Tesla added further in the letter that the workers had worked three consecutive days and round the clock to assure the return of factory workers to start production.

Meanwhile, Tesla is planning to build a new plant in the city and in the same area to increase the annual capacity in the production of Model Ys and Model 3s. The area is gradually becoming the largest export hub for vehicles in the world.

Shanghai imposed a lockdown from March this year to fight the spread of a new variant and several factories were closed simultaneously. Some of these have resumed operations and workers are now back to the work. However, the restrictions are still imposed on others.

Tesla's Shanghai plant started production in 2019 and the recent shutdown was the longest in these couple of years. It is calculated the company faced an output loss of at least 50,000 vehicles. Its Model Y and Model 3 are exported from here to Japan and Germany.

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