Facebook Employees Continue To Work From Home

 Facebook Employees Continue To Work From Home

Facebook Employees Continue To Work From Home

Facebook employees will continue working remotely from their homes this year too and the mandatory returns are only for those who are hardware engineers or work on the data infrastructure of the company. However, working from home is optional and staff members seeking to work from the luxurious Menlo Park HQ in California are welcome.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg is learned to be working from Hawaii for at least half of this year and other top executives will be working from New York, Cape Cod, Madrid, NYC, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Zuckerberg will be splitting the year evenly between Hawaii and Palo Alto at his $53 million compound and $37 million estate respectively.

A Facebook spokesperson stated the pandemic years have led to new possibilities of working as well as connecting remotely and it is important how people work instead of from where they are working.

Naomi Gleit, Head of Product at Meta, Facebook's parent company, has lately relocated to New York and CMO Alex Schultz is learned to be moving to the UK. Similarly, vice president Guy Rosen is planning to move to Israel and chief growth officer Javier Olivan will be working from Spain. He is targeting to add about 2,000 new employees to the Madrid office in the period of the next five years.

Meanwhile, Instagram head Adam Mosseri is working remotely from Cape Cod, Los Angeles and Hawaii. He has not yet revealed any plan of relocating permanently.

The stock prices of Facebook have been sinking lately due to the fact that employees are working remotely and in different time zones. The latest quarterly report reveals a dip of more than 32 percent. Analysts argue the company should not let loose the situation and need to buckle down to build up confidence among investors.

Facebook championed in 2021 in the work-from-home culture and Zuckerberg pitched the company's new venture Metaverse as an alternative to a physical office. Employees are able to work from home. The company is now offering a hybrid model of working. Employees are free to choose whether to work from home or come to the office.

Tech giants Twitter and Google too are offering staff members to work remotely for a couple of days each week. The physical offices resumed last month.

A segment of analysts argues the work-from-home culture may reduce productivity.

Meanwhile, China has been hit by a fresh coronavirus outbreak and Shanghai is witnessing a huge surge in infection cases. Lockdowns and restrictions have been resumed.

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