Bridgewater Stakes A Lot On Etfs

 Bridgewater Stakes A Lot On Etfs

Bridgewater Stakes A Lot On ETFs

Bridgewater Associates, a worldwide macro investment company and the biggest hedge fund in the world, was founded by Ray Dalio, who also serves as co-chief investment officer and co-chairman. In 1975, Mr. Dalio launched Bridgewater from a two-bedroom apartment in New York City. As a worldwide macro investor, he currently has more than 45 years.

Bridgewater Associated, owned by billionaire investor Ray Dalio, saw a decline in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to most current 13F filings with the U.S., the biggest hedge fund in the world keeps a stock portfolio worth more than $12 billion. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (SEC). This represents a significant drop in the list value of the equities that make up the portfolio.

A Valuewalk study shows that Dalio's portfolio is down 18.4% from the previous quarter. The S&P 500 Index, in contrast, increased by more than 6% within the same time frame.

About two-thirds of the fund's equity investments were made up of the four biggest holdings Bridgewater had going into 2018. Vanguard Emerging Markets Equity Index is by far the largest of these assets (VWO). At the end of 2017, Bridgewater had $3.16 billion in VWO, which is more than a quarter of the company's entire stock holdings.

The largest purchase was for PG&E Corp. (PCG), yet just $38 million in total was committed, or roughly 0.3% of the whole portfolio. Other equities bought include Celgene Corp., CVS Health Corp., and Cardinal Health Inc. (CELG).

Over the course of the fourth quarter, Bridgewater traded off EEM worth $1.55 billion. Kroger Co. (KR) sold the most shares, but only for $42.3 million, or 0.3% of the portfolio as a whole.

13Fs may be used to find out how some of the most well-known investors transferred their money during the previous quarter. However, by the time the knowledge they contain is made public, it is no longer current and is unlikely to be useful to the average investor.

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